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About Me

About Me

After 18 years of sales & business experience I decided to redirect my career path toward web development; something I have become very passionate since I built my first business website in 2005. I have always had the ability to design and create but I have lacked the formal training. I took the initiative in January 2016 to enroll in a self-paced, accelerated Desktop & Mobile Web Development and Responsive Design certificate program from Des Moines Area Community College where I graduated in March 2017 with a 96%. With this coursework I have experience, both training and hands on, with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, XML, AJAX, Bootstrap and responsive design. A full list of my technologies I have used are available and be sure check out my portfolio link of all the sites I have and or maintained.

In May of 2004, I graduated from college with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration. I have past experience with supervising employees and maintaining exceptionally high standards at our family-owned business where I was previously employed for 12 years. From March 2005 to April 2007 I established a part-time web based business selling products to consumers online. I gained experience in operating small businesses and have extensive knowledge with communication, visual design, and how to develop an internet based company. In 2012, I conceptualized a new product and led a development team to create an iOS app that was in use around the world until spring of 2019.

My personal life involves spending time with my wife of years and being outdoors. Whether the outdoor time is in my canoe, on one of my bikes, camping, hiking, shooting my traditional bow or flying stunt kites I love being in God’s creation. I actively serve in our local church, can’t get enough time for books (lots of books) and enjoy building things with my hands. All of these facets of my life refresh my mind and prepare me to work hard when it comes to web development.